Significado de Old Faithful:

Old Faithful

English : Proper noun : A geyser in the American national park of Yellowstone , known for its regular eruption s.


2002 February, Bob Sillery, How it Works: Old Faithful, Popular Science , http://books. google. com. au/books? id cQAAAAAAMBAJ&pg PA83&lpg ...


Youngsters not yet of a shaveable age, spewed forth designer diapers with the regularity of Old Faithful.

Garden boy

The two old faithfuls, John and Soufel, and one or two extra boys as they can be spared from the farm work: boys who come, receive ...


He had seated himself in the farmer's old fliver, and ridden for ... But the faithful machine had gone as far as it could. The fuel mix had ...


Old High German ... Noun: g f ... faithfulness - Old Saxon : Etymology: gem-pro | osx gem-pro | triwwiz. More at triuwi . Noun: g f. faithfulness.


much in the Victorian ‘There′s a tear on your eye’ mode, little graves on the hillside and old servants, horses and dogs, faithful to the last. ...


org/etext/12183 | passage At that instant who should appear but our faithful Mata, driving the old caleche in which we were in the habit of ...


Adjective : Gracious ; friendly ; faithful ; true . Etymology 2 ... Translations: Old Church Slavonic. cu | дрьжати | tr drĭžati | sc Cyrs ...


The protagonist here is a faithful, skilled and courteous maid from the old English society. A waitress at a maid café . year 2008 | date ...
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Dios te guarde de alcalde nuevo y de escribano viejo.

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El poeta no es un filósofo, sino un clarividente. Juan Ramón Jiménez. Escritor. Poeta y ensayista español.

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Yo te quiero más que a mi vida, sin ti no late mi corazón y lo único que no entiendo, es por qué no vuelves, amor?

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El buen pagador, heredero es de lo ajeno.

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Un negro en la nieve es un blanco perfecto.

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Caminante cansado, subirá es asno, si no encuentra caballo.

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Autores John Stuart Mill

He aprendido a buscar mi felicidad limitando mis deseos en vez de satisfacerlos. John Stuart Mill.

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A veces logra una flor lo que un diamante no.

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El pece para quien lo merece.

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Sé prudente. Lo mejor en todo es escoger la ocasión. Hesiodo de Asera. Poeta griego.