Significado de PC:


Symbol: PC. peta | coulomb | electric charge - English : Adjective : partially continuous politically correct. pro-choice. Canada | politics | dated | ...


pc- postcard percent Alternative forms : percent. p.c., p. c. Synonyms : percent. Anagrams : CP


pc | PC | pC English : en. pc. Anagrams : CP


Symbol: pC. pico | coulomb | electric charge


the NEC PC-9801

PC Card

PC Cards are used primarily in notebook computers and PDAs. PC Card peripherals include Wi-Fi network cards, memory cards, modems, wired ...


The original version and progenitor of the IBM PC compatible hardware platform . slightly | dated | lang en A microcomputer compatible ...

PC Plod

Noun: head PC Plod British | informal | derogatory | lang en A policeman (implying that he is dull and slow). Derived terms : plastic plod ...

PC Plods

Noun: PC Plods PC Plod.

Tablet PC

Noun: head tablet PC A wireless personal computer that allows a user to take notes using natural handwriting with a stylus or digital pen ...
Frases de Aburrimiento


EL aburrimiento es... no tener amigos con quien ir a divertirse, es no tener valor para salir y estar en la pinche PC.

Frases de Tecnología


A veces hay que darle un golpecito al Pc para que funcione.