Significado de After:


Etymology: From enm | en after | lang enm, from ang | en æfter | after, along, behind, through, throughout, during, following, in consequence ...


From after (adverb & preposition), and also continuing. enm | en after- | lang enm, efter- | lang enm, æfter- | lang enm from. æfter- | after, ...


Feigwarzen können sowohl am After als auch im Geschlechtsbereich sitzen. http://www. chirurgie-portal. de/allgemeinchirurgie/after- ...

Look after

He asked me to look after his daughter while he was away. Translations: to watch, to protect. Arabic. ar | اهتم | tr ihtámma, ar | اعتنى | tr ...

After all

After all his preaching about humility, it turns out he is as proud as any of us. idiomatic | lang en Anyway , in any case. indicates a ...

Take after

head take after | takes after | taking after | took after | taken after idiomatic | lang en To resemble (a parent or ancestor) in ...

Day after tomorrow

Adverb: on the day after tomorrow. Translations: on the day after tomorrow - translation entry. Arabic. ar | بعد غد | tr báʿda ġad | sc Arab: ...


The vineyard of Château Margaux stands as the producer of one of the world's greatest and most sought-after red wines. Translations ...

Name after

the scientist names the germs he discovers after famous pop artists; or the scientist discovers germs, which he names after famous pop ...

Go after

Not to be confused with "going after someone", meaning following someone or something in sequence. See also : get after verbs with particle (after) ...
Frases de Destino


Mucho más se desea lo que se veda

Frases de refranes


En enero hecha gallina en el puchero, y si puedes todos los meses desde febrero.

Frases de Dinero


Si el padre ha absorbido mucha sal durante su vida, su hijo tendrá sed.

Frases de refranes


Mentiroso sin memoria, pierde el hilo de la historia.

Frases de refranes


La soledad no trae felicidad.

Frases de refranes


La vida pende de un hilo.

Frases de refranes


Zanahoria y nabo, buenos casados.

Frases de refranes


Días de mayo, días amargos, los panes cortos y los días largos.

Frases de Vicio


Di no a las drogas... que nosotros ya diremos que sí...

Frases de Autores Franklin

Autores Franklin

Toma consejo en el vino, pero decide después con agua. Franklin.