Significado de Afterlife:


Noun: Why do religionists believe in an afterlife? Synonyms : life after death. hereafter , other side Translations: life after death. Catalan ...


Mountains were often used as a place to bury the dead and were strongly associated with the afterlife . The kanji lang ja | 黄 | yellow and ...


Synonyms : afterlife Derived terms : sweet hereafter Translations: future existence. Dutch. nl | hierna, nl | hiernamaals Finnish. fi | tulevaisuus ...


The locale of the spirit world or afterlife , whether deemed to be situated below the world of the living or not.: While I was astrally ...

Other side

The afterlife , as a supernatural realm inhabited by spirit s of deceased people. 1906, Mark Twain , "Amended Obituaries" in The $30, ...


A pastoral afterlife in Wicca and similar religions. Translations: afterlife. Finnish. fi | Kesämaa


Noun - : afterlife Translations: afterlife. Malay. ms | akhirat Ottoman Turkish. ota | آخرت | tr âhiret | sc ota-Arab Persian. fa | آخرت | tr âxerat | ...

Promised Land

Noun: Heaven or the afterlife . 1901, Gilbert Parker , The March of The White Guard, ch. 3: " "Be good, my boy, and God will make you great ...

Until Kingdom come

Adverb: Until death, until the afterlife .: I will love you until Kingdom come. colloquial | lang en At overly frequent intervals.: ...

Meet one's maker

Verb: To die or to pass into the afterlife . 1918, Edgar Rice Burroughs , The Land that Time Forgot, ch. 4: He didn't die for a half-hour ...
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En cosas del amor, la constancia es necesaria, la fidelidad un lujo. Massimo D´Azeglio. Político y escritor italiano.

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Amor pobre y leña verde arden cuando hay ocasión.

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Se puede tener por compañera la fantasía, pero se debe tener como guía a la razón

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La idea de ser presidente me da miedo, y no pienso que quiera el trabajo

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Si quieres que te olvide pinta un pino en la pared, si ese pino crece entonces yo te olvidaré.

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Lo amigos son la familia que se escoge.

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Cara de enferma y culo de sana.

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Al catarro, con el jarro.

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Con el tiempo y una caña serás el amo de España.

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El pensamiento de Dios desciende sobre la soledad y el tedio, es el maná que cae sobre el desierto. G. A. Borgese.