Significado de And/alliteration:


Translations: fr | allitération | f Galician. gl | aliteración | f Georgian. ka | ალიტერაცია | sc Geor Greek. el | παρήχηση | f | tr paríchisi | sc ...


like Robert Anderson in Cumberland, seem drawn to expressive lexis, marked by sound patterns of reduplication, alliteration and phonaesthesia. ...

Prose poem

poetry, such as lyrical language, evocation of feeling, vivid imagery, metaphor , and linguistic devices like assonance or alliteration . ...

Stave rhyme

sentences often repeated in Hebrew parallelisms, epizeuxes and anaphora, exclamations, sudden transitions, alliterations and even stave rhymes, ...

Master mariner

The alliteration is good, and there is something in the nomenclature that gives to us as a body the sense of corporate existence: ...


The complex system of internal assonance , alliteration and rhyme in Welsh strict-metre poetry. 1948 (revised 1952), Robert Graves, The ...


not to mention Beolupine Anglo-Saxon alliterations, the original article sets out to claim in mock-heroic style and with much play upon ...


An ornate style of writing (in Elizabethan England ) marked by the excessive use of alliteration , antithesis and mythological simile ...

Argumentum ad passiones

Sometimes three or more kindred words may have the same happy effect, in which case we should have a view to alliteration. This mode may ...

Continental drip

Etymology: By analogy/alliteration with continental drift . Noun - : landforms are more numerous and prominent than northward-pointing landforms. ...
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Al mal trabajador no le viene bien ningún azadón.

Frases de refranes


Siempre es mejor el camino más corto.

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El lugar donde uno nace es la envoltura del alma. La iglesia donde uno reza es parte del alma misma

Frases de amor


El amor no tiene edad; siempre está naciendo. Blaise Pascal. Escritor, matemático, físico y filósofo francés.

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Hay dos tipos de música: buena y mala. Me gustan ambas

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La sociedad moderna olvida que el mundo no es propiedad de una única generación. Oskar Kokoschka. Pintor y escritor austríaco.

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La Educacion es la mejor herencia que le pueden dar los padres a sus hijos.

Frases de amor


Se puede hacer mucho con el odio, pero más aún con el amor

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El temor de la guerra madura en cualquier tierra

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Quien se ahoga grita aunque no le oigan