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Kurdish ax | soil | lang ku (compare with xwelî | ash | lang ku, cognate with English "soil | lang en"). Noun: es | The solid remains of a ...


Proper noun : for someone who lived near ash trees. male | from surnames transferred from the surname. A diminutive of the female given ...


Many animals (including birds) never take possessor prefixes, but rather add them to the appropriate form of 'ash: "My dog" is awal né'ash ...


Translingual Symbol: mul | symbol The molecular formula for arsine . Category:mul:Chemical formulae.

Ash tree

Etymology: See ash#Etymology 2 | ash, etymology 2. Noun: head ash tree A tree of the genus Fraxinus , with compound leaves and a tough, ...

Ash Wednesday

Noun: head Ash Wednesday A Christian day of penitence , the first day of Lent . It is a movable feast which takes place 40 days before ...

Mountain ash

Noun: A Texan ash tree species. Fraxinus texensis | species. Usage notes: Genus Sorbus also includes trees commonly known as whitebeam , rowan , ...

Manna ash

An ash tree, Fraxinus ornus , native to southern Europe. Translations: Fraxinus ornis. Arabic. ar | مران رمادي Azeri. az | ağ göyrüş Basque ...

Ash cake

Etymology: ash + cake Noun: head ash cake | s | cake (a bread ), usually specifically of cornmeal (thus, a cornbread ), baked in hot ash es ...

Er ash

Cha daink eh er ash as myr shen v'eh smooinit dy ve marroo.: He did not come back and so he was thought dead.: Chass eh er ash ...
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El hombre tiene una obligación moral: ser inteligente. Ashley Montagu. Antropólogo EE.UU.

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La cortesía no cuesta nada y gana todo. Ashley Montagu. Antropólogo EE.UU.

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Las personas no están jamás tan cerca de la estupidez como cuando se creen sabias. Ashley Montagu. Antropólogo EE.UU.

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Ningún ser humano nace con impulsos hostiles o violentos, nadie se vuelve hostil o violento sin tomarse el tiempo necesario para aprenderlo. Ashley Montagu. Antropólogo EE.UU.

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