Significado de Best friend:

Best friend

Noun: An especially close and trusted friend. 1994 | Penny Vincenzi | ... best bud , best buddy , best mate , best pal , boon companion , BFF ...

Man's best friend

Noun: man 's best friend An affectionate term for a dog . Translations: an affectionate term for a dog. French. fr | le meilleur ami de l’homme | ...

Best friend forever

best friend forever (plural: best friends forever ) A person who is an especially close and trusted friend over a long time period. ...

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

en | proverb | head diamond s are a girl's best friend A statement that suggests, while love is a luxury, material wealth (particularly ...


Related terms : best friend en | BFFL | gloss best friend for life- French Noun: f | plural BFF BFF 2012, ‘Yo! Gwyneth’, Grazia, 6 Jun 2012: ...


Derived terms: best friend befriend bosom friend boy friend boyfriend circle of friends fair-weather friend false friend friend of Bill W. ...

Besti vinur mannsins

Literally meaning "the best friend of man" or "man's best friend". Noun: m | besta vinar mannsins | bestu vinir mannsins man's best friend , a ...


best friend bisexual female black female. Burkina Faso boyfriend bloody fool booking fee See also : boyfriend. GF , SO best friend ...


best friend boldface Synonyms : boyfriend. SO Related terms : boyfriend. GF , SO . best friend. BFF , BFFL . Usage notes: For internet communication and ...

Bitch slap

The Lie: - “I was only out drinking with my best friend, Betty.” / Translation: “I bought my best friend, Betty, drinks while I was on ...
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Los buenos amigos son difíciles de dejar e imposible de olvidar.

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La mujer juiciosa muerde a su marido obedeciéndole.

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Mujer sin seso, ahí queda eso!

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Los pobres no tienen parientes

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Criticar es más fácil que imitar.

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Autores Yongersoli

La prueba del valiente está en saber sobrellevar cualquier derrota, sea la que fuere, sin perder el ánimo. Yongersoli.

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Lo superfluo, cosa muy necesaria

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En octubre, siempre hay cubre.

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Serás el amo, si tienes la sartén por el mango.

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Solamente hay un éxito: poder vivir la vida a tu gusto. Christopher Morley. Escritor EE.UU.