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Derived terms: payback is a bitch , payback's a bitch son of a bitch , sonofabitch Alternative forms : biatch /biotch beatch /beotch ...

Bottom bitch

Noun: "I'm your bottom bitch." He pushed his dick back in and started stroking her with everything he had. 2011, Jaden Lane, If You Could ...

Son of a bitch

Alternative forms : son-of-a-bitch sonofabitch See also : son of a whore Noun: head son of a bitch | sons of bitches pejorative | slang | lang ...

Bitch slap

Amanda’s remedy refrain, “just go out and meet someone new,” struck Frank like a bitch slap, even though she knew her sister meant no harm ...

Ride bitch

Women, or "biker bitch es", would ride behind their male companions on a motorcycle in biker gang caravan s. Verb: rides bitch | riding ...

Prison bitch

Synonyms : punk , bitch , bottom bitch , pussyboy , bitchboy.


Alternative forms : bitch slap Noun: head bitch -slap bitch slap. Verb: head bitch -slap | bitch-slapp | ing slang | vulgar | transitive | lang en ...


A man who behaves obnoxious ly or promiscuous ly; a male bitch . 1931 | Rhys Davies | A Pig in a Poke | url http://books. google. ...

Biker bitch

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Noun: he-bitches. he-bitch. Category:English plurals ending in "-es"
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life is a bitch

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my bitch