Significado de Blood clot:

Blood clot

a 'k' in place of the 'c' e.g., blood clat , blood klot , blood klaat . ... The popular term of abuse, blood clot, has been taken as ...

Blood clots

Noun: en | plural | head blood clots blood clot | lang en | nocat 1


A blood clot formed from platelet s and other elements; that forms in a blood vessel in a living organism , and causes thrombosis or ...


Noun : A solidified mass of blood . A solidified mass of any liquid. ... Doth bake the egg into clots as if it began to poach. ...


A small colorless disk-shaped particle found in the blood of mammal s, which plays an important role in the formation of blood clot s. ...


but, in this context, calling someone one of these words is like saying they came from a blood clot and not an ovum, from their mother's womb." ...


An obstruction causing an embolism : a blood clot , air bubble or other matter carried by the blood stream and causing a blockage or ...


Noun: thrombus , blood clot. blood clot formed in blood vessels that leads to thrombosis. Declension: тро́мб. Category:ru:Pathology.


A proteolytic enzyme that dissolves the fibrin in blood clot s. Translations: proteolytic enzyme that dissolves the fibrin in blood clots ...

Blood klaat

blood clot | nodot 1 | lang jam ... Why is it that the term blood klaat (blood cloth), once used in association with women's menstrual flow, ...
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El amor sabe hablar también con los labios cerrados.

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Mujer de pelo bermejo, mala carne y peor pellejo.

Frases de refranes


Rico de repente, o heredero, o mala gente.

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Ingratos hacen recatados.

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A buen gato, buen rato.

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Si el padre es ajo y la madre cebolla, ¿cómo puede oler bien el hijo?

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El amor jamas reclama; da siempre. El amor tolera, jamas se irrita, nunca se venga. Indira Gandhi. Estadista y política hindú.

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La arquitectura es una música de piedras y la música, una arquitectura de sonidos

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No soy tu novia, no soy tu amante, pero soy la que más te ha querido y con eso tengo bastante.

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Autores Charles Ducios

El orgullo es el primero de los tiranos, pero también el primero de los consuelos. Charles Ducios.