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Etymology: From enm | de boot | lang enm. See English boat . Pronunciation : De-at-Boot. ogg | audio (Austria) boːt | lang de Noun: gen2 Bootes | Boote ...

Boot sector

Etymology: boot + sector Noun: head boot sector computing | lang en A dedicated sector usually at the beginning (first sector on first track ...

Wellington boot

English : Noun : rare | _ | in the singular | lang en One of a pair of Wellington boots .

Boot up

It takes a couple of minutes for the computer to boot up. Synonyms : boot Category:English phrasal verbs Category:English phrasal verbs with ...

Boot block

Etymology: boot + block Noun: head boot block computing | lang en A dedicated block usually at the beginning (first block on first track) of ...

To boot

Etymology: More at en | boot. Adverb: head to boot idiomatic | lang en moreover , on top of that, besides , also .: and a pretty good cook, to boot. ...

Combat boot

A type of boot designed to be worn by soldiers during actual combat or combat training. Translations: boot designed for combat. Chinese: ...

Boot camp

We will institute a boot camp for training the sales force in these new products. Synonyms : basic training Translations: initial, basic ...

Denver boot

Synonyms : boot. informal. wheel clamp. External links :
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puss in boots

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cowboy boots