Significado de Bucket list:

Bucket list

Apparently coined for the 2007 film The Bucket List ; articles about the movie are the earliest known uses. Noun: head bucket list ...


bucket list ... Cognate with Old Saxon list | lang osx, Dutch list | lang nl, Old High German list | lang goh (German List | lang de), Old ...

Bucket lists

Noun: bucket list.


An algorithm for sorting a list of items into a particular sequence. ... typography | lang en ... Derived terms: bucket sort cocktail sort ...


A bit bucket ; a place of permanent oblivion for data. ... DNSBL , used to block spamming IP addresses – are often called "blackhole list s" ...


The singular form jackarooesse (not jackarooess) is as listed by ... These, and a big bucket-handled frying-pan and a few rusty convict-time ...


He’s making a list,And checking it twice,He’s gonna find out who’s ... buckets; and more will be raised in a minute by the same expenditure of power. ...


The bob list determines the drawing priority... ... Noun: bucket hat , fishing hat Category:French palindromes Category:fr:Clothing- ...


not for all but a short list of verbs (is/am/are/was/were, have/ ... I wanted a plate of shrimp, not a bucket of chicken.: He painted the car ...


to eject ; to dismiss ; to cease to include , as if on a list.: I've been dropped from the ... Derived terms: a drop in the bucket air-drop ...
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Las preocupaciones del mañana pertenecen al mañana

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Prefiero morir de pie, a vivir arrodillado.

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Uno hace lo que puede y los amigos hacen el resto

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Aunque fueras el peor de los malvados, la nave de la verdad te conducirá sano y salvo a través del mar de las transgresiones. Mahabharata. Poema épico hindú.

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Autores Charles Schulz

No hay mayor peso para un ser humano que un gran potencial. Charles Schulz.

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Gran estatura no implica gran alma

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Creo que te quiero, pero no te lo puedo asegurar. Quimi Portet. Músico español.

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No es libre el que se ríe de sus cadenas. Gotthold Ephraim Lessing. Filósofo y dramaturgo alemán.

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Todos tenemos un alma gemela, solo espero que tu seas ella.

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A la más perfecta de las dictaduras, preferiré siempre una imperfecta democracia