Significado de Current:


(time rate of flow of electric charge): electric current (tendency or course of events): flow , stream , tendency Derived terms ...

Electric current

Alternative forms : electrical current Noun: head electric current physics | lang en A movement of electron s. A flow of electricity through ...

Alternating current

an electric current in which the direction of flow of the electron s reverse s periodically having an average of zero, with positive ...

Direct current

Alternative forms : direct-current. attributive. Noun: head direct current. (abbreviated as DC ) in which voltage and current do not vary with time ...

Electrical current

Noun: head electrical current electric current.

Current account

Noun: head current account That part of the balance of payments recording a nation 's export s and import s of goods and service s and ...

Current events

current affairs ; those event s and issues of interest currently found in the news. Translations: news items. Danish. da | aktuelle begivenheder ...

Rip current

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Current affairs

Synonyms : current events

Eddy current

An induced electric current formed within the body of a conductor when it is exposed to a time varying magnetic field ; utilized in ...
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La desgracia raramente viene sola. John Dryden. Poeta, dramaturgo y critico inglés.

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Burro cargado, busca camino.

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Para este saco, este remiendo apaño.

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Los hombres de pasiones frías tienen un ojo certero

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Autores Martin L

La violencia crea más problemas sociales que los que resuelve. Martin L.

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Para poder ser el mejor hay que entrenar, entrenar y entrenar.

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A la mujer como a la cabra, cuerda larga

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La felicidad está en disfrutar lo que se tiene, no en desear lo que no se tiene.

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Pide siempre de más, para que no te den de menos.

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En el amor siempre hay algo de locura, mas en la locura siempre hay algo de razón. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche. Filósofo alemán.