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For now to serve and to minister, servile and ministerial, are terms equivalent. date 2012-03 | author Henry Petroski | title Opening Doors ...


Adjective: equivalent Noun: m | sort equivalent equivalent See also : pareil idem semblable identique similaire

Gram equivalent

the amount of a substance , in grams, that is numerically equivalent to its equivalent weight

Equivalent weight

The equivalent weight of an element or compound is that weight equivalent in reactive power to one atomic weight of hydrogen. ...


English Adjective : row-equivalent. which have row-equivalence Category:English adjectives.

Equivalent weights

Noun: equivalent weights equivalent weight.

Equivalent variation

Noun: head equivalent variation economics | lang en The measure of how much money a consumer would pay before a price increase , to avoid ...

Full-time equivalent

We estimate our work-from-home employees to be 30% of our total full-time equivalents. Synonyms : FTE

Doctrine of equivalents

infringing device or process does not fall within the literal scope of a patent claim , but nevertheless is equivalent to the claimed invention . ...

Equivalent potential temperature

English: Equivalent potential temperature. Noun : The temperature a parcel of air at a specific temperature would have if raised from a specific ...
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Cada acto al cumplirse, adquiere condición estática equivalente a la muerte

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Las bendiciones de la vida no son iguales a sus males, aunque puedan ser equivalentes en número, porqúe tampoco ningún placer puede compensar el más pequeño dolor. Plinio El Viejo.