Significado de Fuck yeah:

Fuck yeah

Interjection: Fuck yeah!: Fuck yeah! South Korea loses World Cup in overtime!: If I had the power, I'd throw to jail all those rabid Neo- ...


Adverb - : Fuck yeah. Synonyms : intensifier with "yes" and "no. hell , god , shit , heck Derived terms: Terms derived from fuck. Figjam ...

Cray cray

2012, Kevin Burrows & Lawrence Schlossman, Fuck Yeah Menswear: Bespoke Knowledge for the Crispy Gentleman, Touchstone (2012), ISBN ...


Adjective: Fuck yeah, Zelda kicks ass! Ratatat re-up with their second set of '80s video game-worthy instrumentals, full of stabby guitars ...


title Born Bad: Stories | autor Andrew H. Vachss | year 1994 | passage Yeah, he's a stone fuck–up. But he's stand–up, too, don't forget ...

Boy pussy

pressing into the well-fucked, well-rimmed passage, which was ... Noun: "Yeah, I'll eat your little boy pussy. wet so I can fuck it long and hard." ...

Pig fucker

First of all, you fuck pigs. Noun: Phillip: Oh, yeah! date 2004-11-09 | title Here Be Dragons: Telling Tales Of People, Passion and Power | ...


Etymology: Pig Latin version of fuck . Interjection : variation of fuck .: ... "Yeah, Dorothy, but you don't have to uck-fay him no more. I still do." : ...

Prairie dog

Yeah those little bastards will be prairie dogging it all the way ... Oh fuck, I'm gonna shit my pants, man — pull over! I am prairie dogging! ...


title South Park | season 3 | number 17 | passage Tough Guy: Oh yeah? ... date 2000-09-12 | author D. G. Porter | title Re: OT: Bush Fucks Up ...
Frases de refranes


El esposo de Maria, hace la noche igual al día.

Frases de Adivinanzas


Doce caballeros, nacidos del sol, todos mueren antes; de los treinta y dos. (Los meses)

Frases de Vida


La vida es una comedia para quienes piensan, y una tragedia para quines sienten.

Frases de Imaginación


Nada es real, todo esta en tu cabeza, eso es la imaginación...un camino que lleva al paraiso.

Frases de refranes


Cuando pasan rábanos, cómpralos.

Frases de Mujeres


Fórmate tú en vez de esperar a que te formen y modelen

Frases de covers



Frases de refranes


Caballero en buen caballo; en ruin, ni bueno ni malo.

Frases de Autores Blas Pascal

Autores Blas Pascal

Es más hermoso saber algo de todo que saber todo de una cosa; esta universalidad es más bella. Si se pudiera tener las dos, mucho mejor; pero es preciso elegir. Blas Pascal.

Frases de Aburrimiento


Al pobre le faltan muchas cosas; al avaro, todas