Significado de Get out:

Get out

Verb: In case of fire, get out by the nearest exit. To help someone leave : We must get the children out first. To leave a vehicle such as ...

As all get-out

Alternative forms : as all get out Adverb: head as all get -out idiomatic | lang en Extremely ; to a superlative degree ; very much. ...

Gets out

Verb: gets out. get out.

Get out of here

If you're smart, don't sign the employment contract and get out of here while you still can. Interjection: head get out of here ! ...

Get out of town

Interjection: id vhOMYGrmwFQC&pg PA191&dq get-out-of-town!+ subject:%22Fiction%22&ei qAmxR-TwHYTIyASbnM3RDw&sig XzE4PzJjUNZLcQJTn25xkULI6b0 ...

Get-out clause

Noun: head get-out clause informal | lang en An escape clause .

Get out of Dodge

Now that he's back it's just a matter or gearing up, getting in the water and getting the hell out of Dodge.

Get out at Haymarket

Synonyms : get out at an earlier station.

Out to get someone

Adverb: I think he’s out to get me.: The supervisor keeps telling me off. He’s out to get me. Synonyms : have it in for someone.

Get the lead out

Shortened form of "get the lead out of one's shoes " (or one's pants ). means roughly "get rid of whatever is slowing you down and hurry up". ...
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Peras y manzanas juntas, poco duran.

Frases de refranes


Adonde hay voluntad, mejor es entrarse que llamar.

Frases de Adivinanzas


Viene del cielo, del cielo viene, a unos disgusta y a otros mantiene. (La lluvia)

Frases de refranes


San Telmo en la arboladura, mal tiempo augura.

Frases de Abogados


Los pueblos tienen el gobierno que se merecen

Frases de Autores Guido Da Verona

Autores Guido Da Verona

Para triunfar en la vida, se nece­sita creer con firmeza en las posibilidades más absurdas. Guido Da Verona.

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Cuando mi madre esta en misa, yo bailo en camisa.

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Si los sentidos no son veraces, toda nuestra razón es falsa. Tito Cayo Lucrecio. Poeta latino.

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Cita siempre errores propios antes de referirte a los ajenos