Significado de Great deal:

Great deal

Noun: Physicians wield a great deal of power. 2008, Andrzej Nowak, History and geopolitics: a contest for Eastern Europe (page 195): ...

A great deal

Adverb: We had a great deal more money afterwards.: They had a great deal less than we had. 1904, John Henry Haaren , Famous Men of the ...


Synonyms : a great deal of. informal. a lot of. Antonyms : little Derived terms : how much Translations: a large amount of. Albanian: shumë ...

A lot

Adverb: very much; a great deal; to a large extent .: Thanks a lot for listening to me.: It's a lot harder than it looks. idiomatic | lang ...


Noun: A lot ; a great deal ; tons ; loads .: Lots of the ways you can help are really easy.: Don't worry, my family has lots of money.: ...


a great deal , a good deal , big deal , real deal Translations: division, share. French. fr | part German. de | Anteil | m, de | Portion | f ...


(as a verb-modifying adverb) much , a great deal, a good deal , a lot : Jogger du mye i fritida?: Do you jog much in your spare time?: ...

A good deal

Alternative forms : a great deal Adverb: head a good deal | idiomatic | lang en Very much ; to a great extent; a lot ; lots .: ...

Field day

Noun: A great time or a great deal to do.: They went to the park and had a field day playing on the swings. idiomatic | lang en ...


Power , of the kind associated with a great deal of money. Synonyms : See also Wikisaurus:wealth Derived terms : wealthy Translations ...
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Aún hay sol en las bardas.

Frases de refranes


Casa hospedada, comida y denostada.

Frases de Amor


Ya se que no quieres que te quiera, pero no lo puedo remediar... y aunuqe sea sólo como amiga, a tu lado quiero estar.

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Si calla el cuco, llora el Santuco.

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Agua coge con harnero, quien se cree de ligero.

Frases de amor


Todas las pasiones exageran, y ¿Qué son las pasiones, si no exageran?

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Mujer sin aretes, altar sin ramilletes.

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Frases de refranes


El que quiere amigos sin defectos no tendrá ninguno.

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Siempre intento tener el control sobre mi vida. Creo que mi mayor miedo es ser débil