Significado de Hardware:


He needed a hammer , nail s, screw s, nut s, bolt s and other assorted hardware, so he went to the hardware store. informal | lang en ...


Noun: hardware

Hardware store

A merchant that sell s tools , fastener s and similar object s known collectively as hardware , as well as related sundries used in ...

Hardware cloth

Hardware cloth is a sturdy, thick wire mesh that comes plain or coated …. countable | lang en A type of such fabric, differentiated by ...

Hardware cloths

English Noun: hardware cloths. hardware cloth. Types of hardware cloth, differentiated by material, coating, wire diameter, mesh, roll width. ...

Hardware stores

Noun: hardware stores hardware store.

Hardware description language

English Noun: head hardware description language electronics | lang en Any language from a class of computer, modeling, or specification ...

Hardware description languages

Noun: hardware description languages. hardware description language.


Noun: Compare hardware . 1958, John W. Tukey, "The Teaching of Concrete Mathematics" in The American Mathematical Monthly, vol. ...


Used in context of computer software and hardware. See also : carriage return CR CRLF LF line feed Anagrams : Leo , LEO , OEL , ole , olé , OLE ...
Frases de Tecnología


El hardware es lo que puedes patear, y el software, lo que puedes maldecir.

Frases de sms


Cuando veo tu hardware, se excita mi software.

Frases de sms


Cuando veo tu hardware, se excita mi software.