Significado de Look out:

Look out

Verb: Look out, and you will see the rain has stopped. intransitive | idiomatic | lang en Be vigilant and aware .: look out for the dodgy ...


English : Noun : lookout. Anagrams : outlook

Look out for number one

Alternative forms : look out for Number One Verb: en | verb | head look out for number one idiomatic | lang en To act in one's own interests ...

Look out for Number One

Verb: en | verb | head look out for Number One look out for number one.


Etymology: dialectal lugen | to look out | lang de), from ine-pro | en lAg- | to look, see | lang ine-pro (compare cy | llygat | eye | lang cy ...


Anagrams : look out , look-out , lookout

Watch out

To be aware or conscious ; to look closely or carefully; to use caution . Often used in the imperative.: Watch out for low doorways, so ...

Look-down, shoot-down

look-down shoot-down, look-down/shoot-down (also, nonstandardly, without hyphens) Adjective: en | adjective to pick aircraft out of ground ...

Look off

title If Death Ever Slept | page 40 | author Rex Stout | year 1957 | passage She can look a man on or look him off, either way. ...


Verb: To look in (a place) for something.: I searched the garden for the keys and found them in the vegetable patch. intransitive | followed ...
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Cortesía de sombrero, hace amistades y no cuesta dinero.

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Si el mozo supiera y el viejo pudiera, qué se les resistiera?

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my lions

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Al que le dan pan y no tiene dientes, tragar es cosa de valientes.

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Quien va despacio y con tiento, hace dos cosas a un tiempo.

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Otorguen o rehusen, las mujeres se complacen en ser solicitadas. Publio Nasón Ovidio. Poeta latino.

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Entre San Juan y San Pedro, esquila al perro.

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Vergüenza y mocedad, no vuelven cuando se van.

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Autores Refrán Popular

A amor mal correspondido, ausencia y olvido Refrán Popular.

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La cadena del matrimonio pesa tanto que es preciso sean dos para llevarla, y, a veces tres