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Etymology 1: Danish møde | to meet | lang da, Swedish möta | to meet | lang sv Icelandic mæta | to meet | lang is. Related to en | moot. ...

Meet up

Verb: To meet somebody, by arrangement.: The next time you come to my town, we should meet up somewhere. Translations: meet somebody, by ...

Meet halfway

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Cornfield meet

From cornfield and meet : early collisions often occurred out in the country alongside a cornfield, rather than the trains passing safely ...

Make ends meet

To have enough money to cover expenses ; to get by financially; to get through the pay period (sufficient to meet the next payday). ...

Pleased to meet you

Synonyms : nice to meet you pleasure to meet you how do you do (formal) Translations: polite formula used when the speaker is introduced to ...

Meet with

They want to meet with you at the Annexe as soon as possible. I'm to ring back by yesterday.’:‘ They want what?’:‘ To meet you. ...


We had our meet-up in the local library, because of its central location.

Meet af

Dutch : Verb: nl. p 123 | n sg | t pres | m ind | afmeten m imp | afmeten Anagrams : afmeet , afmete , mete af

Meets up

Verb: meets up meet up. Anagrams : meetups , meet-ups
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try to smile when i meet u

Frases de covers


good meets evil