Significado de Nick:


A particular point or place considered as marked by a nick; the exact point or critical moment. 1603 John Florio. translating Michel de ...


Derived terms : Old Nick Translations: Diminutive of the male given name Nicholas. Esperanto. eo | Niĉjo French. fr | Nico Greek. el | Νίκος | tr Níkos ...

Old Nick

Proper noun: Old Nick The devil ; Satan Category:English proper nouns.

Saint Nick

Proper noun: head Saint Nick Santa Claus Category:en:Christmas.


English : Noun : knick-knack.

Nick point

Noun: head nick point A point at which a river suffers a break of slope in its long profile ; the current point of rejuvenation working ...

Nick off

Interjection: head nick off UK | Australian | lang en Go away! fuck off Verb : UK | Australian | lang en To leave especially in a hurry ...

In the nick of time

He finished writing his paper and slid it under the door just in the nick of time. Translations: at the last possible moment. Dutch: op het ...


Do you think you could round up four others so we could have a numinous go at it, and nievie-nievie-nick-nack in one another's ear? ...


I must call you Nick - we always did call you young Nick when we knew you meant to marry the old widow. likeness to old Nick, but that was ...
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El logro es, ante todo, el producto de la constante elevación de nuestras aspiraciones y expectativas. Jack Nicklaus.