Significado de Oral:


Adjective - : An oral presentation. Synonyms : spoken Antonyms : written Related terms : oral availability oral exam oral sex Translations ...


oral. English : Proper noun : male | from Latin of American usage, ultimately derived from Aurelius . Anagrams : Lora Orla - Turkish : Proper noun ...

Oral sex

The Beard s climactic scene, an oral sex act, is not as startling or fresh as McClure apparently thinks. It is a continuation of the ...

Oral cavity

Noun: head oral cavity | oral cavities medicine | lang en mouth Translations: medical term for the mouth. Bengali. bn | মুখবিবর | sc Beng ...

Oral hygiene

Noun: head oral hygiene The practice of keeping the mouth clean in order to prevent cavities (dental caries ), gingivitis, periodontitis, ...

Sex oral

Noun: oral sex Declension: gend n | def sexul oral | gd sexului oral Category:ro:Sex.

Oral availability

Etymology: From oral + availability. Noun: head oral availability | pharmacology | lang en The quality of being efficacious when taken by ...


Etymology: post | oral Adjective : anatomy | lang en postoral


Etymology: pre | oral Adjective : anatomy | lang en preoral

Sexo oral

oral sex (stimulation of the genitals using the mouth) Category:gl:Sex- Portuguese : Pronunciation : Brazil ˌsɛ. kswo. ˈɾaw | lang pt ...
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Una buena parte de los hombres no tienen más vida interior que la de sus palabras, y sus sentimientos se reducen a una existencia oral