Significado de Pants:


by the seat of one’s pants (drive by the seat of one’s pants , fly by the seat of one’s pants ), seat-of-the-pants ants in one’s pants ...


Etymology 2: From pants | lang en Noun : fashion | lang en A pair of pants. trousers or underpants. used attributively as a modifier | lang en ...


bossypants, fancypants , smarty pants , greedy-pants, pouty pants. 1986, Babette Cole, Princess Smartypants, Hamish Hamilton, ISBN 0-241- ...

Smarty pants

Alternative forms : smarty-pants smartypants Etymology: smart | pants | lang en Noun: head smarty pants | es A smart aleck or know-it-all ...

Capri pants

Casual pants or trousers , usually for women , with the bottom hem reaching to below the knee but above the ankle ; usually lightweight ...

Hot pants

Noun: That goddamned little hot pants!’ he shouted. Very brief and tight legless shorts for women and girls .: Her hot pants were so ...


Noun: That fancy-pants came around for you.: You still with those fancy-pants from downtown. Adjective : overly fancy with little function ; ...

The pants off

"And did you also feel like you could whip the pants off any mother's son alive?" 1943 Dec. 13, "http://www. time. com/time/magazine/article/ ...

Pegged pants

Some pegged pants include a full cuff with buttons; others simply gather around an elastic band. This style was extremely popular in the ...

Track pants

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No muchas cosas bien aprendidas, sino pocas y bien sabidas.

Frases de Amistad


La mejor manera de hacer un amigo es serlo.

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Come poco y cena más poco, y dormirás como pocos.

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Ojala! le dijo la burra al cerdo.

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Del toro manso me libre Dios, porque del bravo me libro yo.

Frases de Autores George Herbert

Autores George Herbert

La juventud vive de la esperanza; la vejez, del recuerdo. George Herbert.

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Ver los toros desde la barrera, eso lo hace cualquiera.

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Lo que no pilla el pillo, lo pilla el payo.

Frases de Autores George Brandes

Autores George Brandes

Lo más terrible de la guerra es que mata todo amor a la verdad. George Brandes.

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De dónde habrá salido el sol?