Significado de Pillow talk:

Pillow talk

Noun: head pillow talk idiomatic | lang en conversation shared by bedmate s, particularly intimate conversation after or before sexual ...


chalk talk /chalk and talk cross talk /crosstalk dirty talk ... Derived terms: Terms derived from talk (noun) ... pillow talk self-talk ...


Noun : pillow talk Declension: petipuh.


Noun: pillow talk.


1988, Richard Hilary, Pillow of the Community: Most of the gathering was milling around them, talking over plates of pizza puffs, zucchini ...


Marjorie lets in a man who quickly drops the small talk, slams her to the floor, and almost smothers her with a pillow as he commands her ...


The cloth-covered pillow used for first, second, and third base .: ... Note that in an ordinary context, when talking about a bag of apples, ...


was lazy and wore out sofas, and little boys were not expected to talk. ... page 64 | passage There were pillows on the floor, a few chairs, and ...

Nest egg

He talked of his wife as a rich woman and he constantly spoke of the "nest egg". ... Translations: egg placed in a ... Catalan: coixí (pillow) Dutch ...


nākt ļaužu valodās, mēlēs — to come into people's talk, tongue ( to ... and a bed with pillows and linens, and in addition also 300 rubles in cash: ...
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Muerte. Preveente que podría ser hoy.

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Cuervo con cuervo, no se quitan los ojos.

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No hay escritor, por modesto que sea, que no piense en ser algo

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Tres cosas echan de su casa al hombre: el humo, la gotera y la mujer vocinglera.

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La vida es un negocio en el que no se obtiene una ganancia que no vaya acompañada de una pérdida. Arturo Graf. Escritor italiano.

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Autores Federico El Grande

La inteligencia es más rara de lo que se piensa. Federico El Grande.

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Sólo hay un éxito: poder vivir como se desea. Christopher Morley. Político inglés.

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Prefiero una verdad muy dolorosa a una simple y minúscula mentira.

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Vanamente piensa quien sin Dios hace la cuenta.

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Ambiciona el honor, no honores la ambición.