Significado de Poker:


Derived terms : poker chip poker face poker-faced Related terms : when the chips are down See also : three card brag Translations: card game ...


Noun: poker (card game) Alternative forms : póquer Category:es:Card games.


Noun: Poker. poker (card game) Category:German nouns.

Poker face

Though he thought he had a perfect poker face, he had a number of tells his opponents soon learned. Any similar expression used to ...

Poker machine

In the US, a poker machine (especially a video poker machine) is more likely to be a slot machine (coin- or token-operated gambling machine ...

Stud poker

Any of several versions of poker in which some card s are dealt face-down and some face-up . Translations: any of several versions of poker ...


From the attitude necessary in the game of poker , since one is ill-advised to reveal delight at being dealt a winning hand lest other ...

Strip poker

A variant of poker where the loser removes his/her clothes. Translations: variant of poker. Chinese: Mandarin: 脫衣 撲克牌 遊戲 , 脱衣 扑克牌 游戏 ...

Draw poker

A form of poker where players can trade in cards for new ones and their cards are not shown until the showdown (In contrast to stud poker .) ...

Poker faced

Adjective: head poker faced poker-faced.
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