Significado de Pretty please:

Pretty please

Interjection: Pretty please? Pretty please with sugar on top ?! Translations: an emphatic interjection to make commands more polite ...

Pretty please with sugar on top

Phrase: Exaggerated form of please or pretty please .: 1994, Pulp Fiction : I think fast, I talk fast and I need you guys to act fast if ...


Derived terms : pretty please Pretty Polly pretty-pretty pretty-spoken purdy sitting pretty Translations: cunning, clever, skilful ...


Short for if you please | lang en, an intransitive, ergative form taken from | if it please you | ... Derived terms : pretty please References ...

Be like

If he s like "I don't want to", then be like "Pretty please! - it means a lot to me". Synonyms: to say. be all , be all like Usage notes ...


thyself who would like to trade with a poor peddler who has travelled all the way from Gruenstadt just to please the pretty ones of Trutz-Drachen." ...


Adjective: nice , pretty , lovely. which please s, cause s pleasure , joy , either by itself or because of its content : jauka dāvana — nice ...


time, cocklings; look sharp — but not in this direction, if you please.' ... That ere our pretty Cocklings learn to crow, To pamper Lust they ...


Please spell it out for me. ... When we get elected, for instance, we get one of these, and we are pretty much told what is in it, and it is ...


English: Image:Ours brun parcanimalierpyrenees 1.jpg | A bear dab Bear (disambiguation) | Bear Pronunciation : UK /bɛə(ɹ)/ | /bɛː(ɹ)/, bâr, /bE@ ...
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Quien hijo está en tierra ajena, muerto está y vivo le espera.

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Habla poco y anda grave, y parecerá que sabes.

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Cuando corre la ventura, las aguas son truchas.

Frases de Amor


Antes de conocerte estaba muerta, ahora que te conozco empiezo a vivir y mi amor por tí hará que esté viva eternamente.

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Olvidando la ofensa nunca te olvidarán.

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Más discurre un enamorado que veinte abogados.

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Echarás de menos los males a los que hoy buscas remedio

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En burlas ni en veras, con tu señor no partas peras; darte ha las duras y comerse ha las maduras.

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Media vida es la candela, y el vino la otra media.

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Adonde no está su dueño, allí está su duelo.