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RIP. Requiescat in pace : may he/she rest in peace. en | RIP. Requiescant in pace: may they rest in peace. en | RIP. ...

Rip off

Verb: rip off To pull off by ripping. idiomatic | lang en to steal , cheat or swindle idiomatic | lang en to copy , especially illegal ly: ...


Related terms : rip off (verb)

Rip current

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Rip tide

Anagrams : tide rip

Tide rip

See also : rip tide Anagrams : riptide , rip tide.

Rip up

Verb: To destroy by rip ping. idiomatic | lang en To move quickly or violently: rip up the dancefloor. Synonyms : tear up Derived terms ...

Let rip

Verb: let rip idiomatic | lang en To get angry .: She let rip about Mary's flirting with Lizzie's boyfriend. Anagrams : prelit , triple ...

Rip into

head to rip into | rips into | ripping into | ripped into idiomatic | lang en To attack or criticise . Synonyms : lace into , light into , ...
Frases de refranes


Dar ripio a la mano.