Significado de Rouge:


Etymology: From fr | en rouge | lang fr. Adjective : Of a red dish pink colour. Noun : Red or pink makeup to add colour to the cheeks ; blusher ...


Etymology: From fr | de rouge | lang fr Noun: n | Rouges | Rouges makeup | lang de rouge Category:de:Makeup.

Khmer Rouge

Etymology: fr | en | Khmer rouge | red Khmer | lang fr from. Khmer | Khmer | lang fr + rouge | red | lang fr. Pronunciation /: ˈkmɛəɹ ˈɹuːʒ/ | / ...

Baton Rouge

Etymology: From the French Bâton Rouge (red stick). Baton Rouge Louisiana in the United States is so named because there was a red painted ...


Etymology: From rouge + gorge. Pronunciation /: ʁuʒɡɔʁʒ/ | lang fr Fr-rouge-gorge. ogg | Audio Noun: m | plural rouges-gorges | sort rouge gorge ...

Tapis rouges

Noun: tapis rouges tapis rouge | lang fr Anagrams : Portugaises , portugaises

Vin rouge

Noun: m | head vin rouge | plural vins rouges red wine Category:fr:Alcoholic beverages.

Carton rouge

Noun: m | head carton rouge | plural cartons rouges sports | lang fr red card See also : carton jaune

Tapis rouge

Noun: m | head tapis rouge idiomatic | lang fr red carpet Anagrams : portugaise , Portugaise

Globule rouge

Noun: head globule rouge | m | plural globules rouges cytology | lang fr red blood cell Synonyms : érythrocyte
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La perfección del amor es morir por amor. Denis de Rougemont.