Significado de Run into:

Run into

Derived terms : run into the ground Category:English phrasal verbs Category:English phrasal verbs with particle (into)

Run into the ground

I figure this car has a few more years left in it and I intend to run it into the ground before purchasing another. year 2011 | date ...


Derived terms: run into run off run on run out run over run through run to run up run up against. single words and compounds. also-ran ...

Run off

If anyone comes into this field, the bull will soon run them off. To operate by a particular energy source.: This radio runs off ...

Run afoul

Related terms : run afoul of

Run for the roses

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Derived terms : to run, rush, flow or storm into. lt | išbėgti to run away. lt | nubėgti to run or flow down. lt | pabėgti to run away, to make off ...


Noun : A run of luck or fortune .: He′s had a good trot, but his luck will end soon. 1994, Noel Virtue, Sandspit Crossing, http://books. ...


Several horses run in a horse race, and the first one to reach the finishing post wins: The race around the park was won by Johnny, who ...


Verb: To run away from home with a paramour . intransitive | of an unmarried person | lang en To run away secretly for the purpose of getting ...
Frases de Autores


Nunca es igual saber la verdad por uno mismo que tener que escucharla por otro. Leonard Aldous Huxley. Escritor inglés.

Frases de Guerra


El propósito de toda guerra es la paz.

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Cuando seas padre comerás dos huevos.

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La culltura es sinónimo a tener ganas de aprender.

Frases de Fama


Mi envidia te da fama pero tu fama me da risa.

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A los enfermos los sanos buenos consejos les damos.

Frases de Autores Roger Ascham

Autores Roger Ascham

hablar como habla la mayoría de la gente y pensar como los hombres sabios. Roger Ascham.

Frases de Autores Refrán Popular

Autores Refrán Popular

A perro flaco todo son pulgas Refrán Popular.

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El avariento, do tiene el tesoro tiene el entendimiento.

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Ahorrar para la vejez, ganar un maravedí y beber tres.