Significado de Split:


to split, splice' (compare ang | speld | lang ang 'splinter', goh | spaltan | lang goh 'to split', sga | sliss | lang sga 'splinter', ...


Pronunciation : Homophones: split Proper noun : A port city in Croatia . Translations: port city in Croatia. Bulgarian. bg | Сплит | m | tr Split ...

Split up

After she left to go travelling, my girlfriend and I split up.: The soldiers split up into smaller squadrons to to search the building. ...

Split hairs

Its endless procession of less-than-riveting economics professors and forgetful executives, mixed with scads of legal and technical split ...

Split end

A hair which has split at the end, usually from dryness or innutrition. (Usually in plural): I've got so many split ends – I think I must ...

Banana split

A dessert or sundae containing a banana cut in half lengthwise (split), ice cream and various toppings which may include sauces, nuts ...


Luckily, no other cars were nearby, and the fire engine's driver was able to swerve into another lane a split second before striking the ...

Split-finger fastball

Alternative forms : split-finger. by ellipsis. Noun: head split -finger fastball baseball | lang en A moderate rotation speed backspin pitch ...


Noun: head split - shot split shot mostly in attributive use.

Split personality

Noun: split personalities | head split personality psychology | lang en the supposed psychological syndrome in which two or more ...
Frases de varios


Que una sonrisa pueda añadir un hilo a la trama sutil de la vida

Frases de Hombres


El hombre sabio no está nunca solo

Frases de refranes


A buen gato, buen rato.

Frases de varios


Todos los hombres nacen iguales, pero es la última vez que lo son

Frases de Libertad


Piensa lo que quieras, tu mente es libre.

Frases de Admiración


Mira y remira, pero cuidado con lo que admiras.

Frases de refranes


En Santa Maria, una hora crece el día; en San Blas, un paso nada mas; en San Antón, un paso de ratón.

Frases de refranes


A la fuerza ahorcan.

Frases de Destino


El destino es todo aquello inexplicable que no tiene explicación.

Frases de Dolor


Cuanto más vacío está un corazón, tanto más pesa.