Significado de Them:


a nd hath gone and served other gods, and worshipped them, either the sun, or moon, or any of the host of heaven, which I have not ...


Vietnamese Adjective : additional Determiner: determiner. more Verb : to add

Them's the breaks

Proverb: en | proverb | head them 's the breaks idiomatic | lang en That is the way things happen; that's life . Synonyms : that's the way the ...

Them's the facts

Phrase: en | phrase | head them 's the facts idiomatic | colloquial | lang en That's the truth, that's how it is; frequently used in ...

Them thar

Adjective: them thar. US | lang en Dialectic form of them there , meaning those : There's gold in them thar hills. Category:English adjectives ...


Good football teams always have an us-and-them mentality; there are the 45 players and their coaches, and then there is everybody else. ...

Call them as one sees them

Verb: en | verb | head call them as one sees them call it as one sees it.

Mom and them

Noun: mom and them plurale tantum | Southern US | lang en Family . References : http://www. barrypopik. com/index. php/new_york_city/entry/mom_n_ ...

Penny for them

Phrase: en | ellipse | head penny for them UK | lang en form | penny for your thoughts | lang en

Treat them mean, keep them keen

English : Alternative forms : treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen Proverb : A woman will be more interested in a man if he is not kind to her. ...
Frases de refranes


El que da todo lo que tiene, a pedir se viene.

Frases de varios


El mal está siempre al acecho

Frases de refranes


Dar santo y bueno, pero del pan ajeno.

Frases de refranes


El que de joven no trotea, de viejo galopea.

Frases de amor


Cierto que en el mundo del hombre nada es necesario, excepto el amor

Frases de refranes


Cuando pelean los ladrones, descúbrense los hurtos.

Frases de refranes


No hay peor astilla que la de la misma viga.

Frases de Destino


Una voluntad enérgica es el alma de todos los caracteres. Donde ella se encuentra hay vida; donde ella no existe, únicamente hay debilidad, impotencia y desaliento

Frases de Adivinanzas


Ni lo puedes ver ni vives sin él (El aire)

Frases de Vida


Lo más importante en este mundo, no es saber donde estás, sino hacia donde vas.