Significado de What's the matter:

What's the matter

Phrase: What's the matter? Synonyms : what's wrong. Translations: what's wrong? Arabic. ar | ماذا حدث | alt ماذا حدث؟ | tr maadha Hádatha?, ...


Noun: What's the matter?: state matters. 12 July 2012, Sam Adams, AV Club Ice Age: Continental Drift: The matter of whether the world needs a ...

Quid est

Idiom: what's the matter ? Synonyms : what's the matter. quid tibi est ?

Hvað er að

Icelandic Phrase: what's up ?, what's the matter ? Hvað er að? - Mér líður illa í maganum (lit. What's wrong? I'm feeling bad in the ...


Adverb : What's the matter?’ he demanded truculently. William Golding—The Lord of the Flies, chapter 11: Truculently they squared up to each ...

Penny for your thoughts

Phrase: says I, Mr Jones, what's the matter? a penny for your thoughts, says I. Translations: inquiry into the thoughts. Finnish. fi | penni fi | ...


path 1994/941118/HIPHOP | passage Then comes the Stones' "Miss You"; on cue, the crowd yells in unison, "What's da matter wich you bwoy!" ...

Piss and vinegar

Noun: "I know what's a matter. Young fella, all full a piss an' vinegar. Wanta be a hell of a guy all the time." 2008 Oct. 2, David Fricke ...


Noun: What's the matter? — John Dos Passos, Michael Clark, Streets of Night (1990) sowbelly: Their supplies were down to a dog tent, five ...


Contraction: what's the matter?” Anagrams : de | gibst See also : de | geben
Frases de Dolor


Nacemos con lágrimas, entre lágrimas transcurre nuestra vida y con lágrimas cerramos nuestro último día

Frases de varios


Soy católico, apostólico y romano, pero no ingenuo

Frases de refranes


No hay novia fea, ni muerto rico.

Frases de Arte


El buen libro, de las penas es alivio

Frases de refranes


Todo ha menester maña, menos el comer, que quiere gana.

Frases de Autores Disraeli

Autores Disraeli

No hay mejor educación que la de la adversidad. Disraeli.

Frases de Gastronomía


Si quieres adelgazar la nevera has de vaciar.

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El idiota grita, el inteligente opina y el sabio calla.

Frases de refranes


Dios nos conserve a este señor, no nos venga otro peor.

Frases de refranes


A comer, sé tu el primero; a pelear, el postrero.